A family compound included the site of an ancestral second home addressing a beautiful lake in Westchester County, NY. The owners wanted a new hybrid of empty nester full time 4300 sq. ft. residence/vacation home/and large-scale gathering place both for relatives and for the many organizations the owners are involved in. A full-scale home office was key, as was privacy. Three independent bedroom suites were created, all on separate levels, all with separate orientations. A ground level large scale living area was provided that could accommodate scores of people comfortably while at the same time harbor a family with a sense of domesticity. Secondary living space was provided upstairs, as were several indoor/outdoor spaces for fair weather undercover accommodation.

The views were virtually 200º in sweep as this house sits out on a promontory addressing the lake. The desire for abundant natural light was also present. However, avoiding glare, overheating, and overexposure were critical to the owners as well. Massive overhangs, integrated porches, rooflets applied amid outsized glazing all served to allow an even level of ambient light no matter the time of day. Beyond light and space, the third metronome of this house is the expressive use of wood. Perfectly clear cedar board and batten siding, heartwood redwood trim, red cedar shingled roof, wide board white oak floors, cedar tongue and groove paneling, white oak counters, dyed white oak cabinetry, painted poplar stair risers, and 90-year-old recycled 8” x 8” redwood truss pieces from California are used in direct celebration of their natural texture, color, and structural role. Microlams, glulams, composite beams, trusses, and knee braced cantilevers all were utilized to create a kinetic flow of levels, space and light.