Listen to Duo’s podcasts listed in the Home Page section of Saved by DesignOr you can listen on the last Thursday of every month at noon on WPKN. A listing of past episodes can be found here.
Watch Duo’s presentation entitled Architect: Fellow & Failing at the Mockingbird conference, 10 Years of Grace. 
Interview with Ann Nyberg
Watch Duo’s interview with Ann Nyberg about his book "Staying Put." Filmed on location at Shoreline Diner in Guilford, CT.
Curtis Wayne's Burning Down the House
Listen to Duo on Curtis Wayne's Burning Down the House on Heritage Radio Network.


Architecture Education

Runway Model

Oil and Surburbia

Getting a Little Crazy

Relevance vs Regulation

Staying Put

Defining Home
See Duo’s work in Mercedes Home Diaries
Listen to podcasts of Duo’s "Design Czar" segments for the New Haven Independent.
Bruce Barber and Duo candidly discuss life's little hassles on Bruce Barber's Real Life Survival Guide on WNPR. Show notes are available here. Some episodes are available for listening here. Episodes from the first realization of the show are available for listening here.
Home Work with Binnie Klein
Listen to Duo’s podcasts with Binnie Klein.

The Launch

Living by the Water

Gray Matters

Let's Get Small


The Hallmark Channel
Guest on the New Morning show on the Hallmark Channel.

CNN's Open House
Guest on CNN's Open House television show. (Scroll down to see Duo's part.)

House Smarts TV
Duo is interviewed by Lou Manfredini on House Smarts TV for the "Bookshelf" segment of Season 2, Episode 27.

Daily Nutmeg
Duo is interviewed in the Daily Nutmeg about religion and architecture.

U.S. New Real Estate
Duo is interviewed in the article "How to Design and Build Your Own Home."
Interview with Ann Nyberg
Here is a video tease of a fun talk with Ann Nyberg about Duo's new book "A Home Called New England". The book goes on sale Nov. 15!
Duo reflects on 38 years in the business of making places for people to live, often out of dumps, sweet relics, empty lots, churches, garages, tenements and the inevitable ravages of millennia, fire, profit motive or the Zombie Apocalypse on the place of homes.