Perched on an existing foundation in an area of extreme environmental sensitivity, this 1,800 sq. ft. 4 bedroom, 2 bath vacation house had to contour to three-dimensional limitations as prescribed by both the local and federal ordinances. Work had to be executed at specific times of the year and there could be zero soil disturbance as a net product of what was proposed. Thus the existing foundation and deck were salvaged and a new home was created based on that template.

The home utilizes stock windows, simple siding and some expressive eaves. To recognize the fact that the home sits on an isthmus and has views in both directions (north and south), large windows were employed on both north and south facades. Seen from great distances from both Long Island Sound and Gardiner’s Bay, the shapes and detailing accepted the challenge of distant apprehension.  

The project was completed in 2002 with a cost per square foot of $160.