Bruce Barber's Real Life Survival Guide is a Gang-Sourced, Crowd Finished weekly radio show on Connecticut's WNPR. Joined by co-host, Bruce Barber, Duo and Bruce get together in interesting places with interesting people to figure out a guide to modern living

Sunday Afternoons at 4:30.

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Episode 54: Food & Cooking
Where: Park Central Tavern, New Haven
Who: Jason Sobicinski, Bun Lai, Avi Szapiro, Rob Oliver, and Tom Schultz
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Episode 53: Brainstorming the Chapter on Etiquette
Where: Winchester, Woodbridge
Who: Joanne Kahan, Anne Witkavich, Randye Kaye, and Rob Leonard
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Episode 52: Redefining Friendship
Where: Zinc, New Haven
Who: Brin Bon, Kathleen Schurman, Ann McGuire, and Ira Rosofsky
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Episode 51: Brainstorming the Chapter on Self-Care
Where: Barcelona Restaurant and Wine Bar, New Haven
Who: Christine Ohlman, Bob Tedeschi, Julie Braun, and Tammy Ward
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Episode 50: We Celebrate at Lyric Hall
Where: Lyric Hall, New Haven
Who: A bunch of people!
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Episode 49: Work, Health, Luck, and Kids Activities
Where: Gouveia Vineyards, Wallingford
Who: Gerry McGuire, Liz Petry, Amy Nawrocki, Eric D Lehman
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Episode 48: Boundaries, Down Time and Getting Off the Phone
Where: Chocopologie, New Haven
Who: Jane Tamarkin, Danyel Aversenti, Susan Campbell, and Harlan Brothers
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Episode 47: Unexpected Roaming Charges, Elderly Parents and Spring Allergies
Where: Mikro, Hamden
Who: Tod Harris, Barbara Oliver, Joel Sachs, and Raeleen Mautner
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Episode 46: Friendships, Entitled Kids and DIY Projects
Where: Nina's House of Tapas, New Haven
Who: Gerry McGuire, Barbie Douglas, Katie Gerhard, Mary Elliot and Jon Crane
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Episode 45: Personal Space, Interpersonal Assessment, and Graduation Gifts
Where: Annie Mame's Boutique, Westbrook
Who: Ann Nyberg, Francine Piscitelli, Tony Venetucci, and Eileen Kaplan
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Episode 44: Man Caves, Smartphone Fun and Empty Nests
Where: Old School Saloon and Bistro, New Haven
Who: Rob Oliver, John Broker, Joe Amarante, Gary Choronzy and Marianne O’Hare
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Episode 43: Home Gardens, Handling Money and Computer Hacks
Where: Caseus Fromagerie Bistro, New Haven
Who: Jason Sobocinski, Susan Bailin, Janice Christopher, Elizabeth Larkin and Colin Caplan
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Episode 42: I Thought It Was Episode 41
Where: IKEA, New Haven
Who: Suzi Craig, Brent Robertson, Paudi Barry, Harry Schwartz, and Doug Tenaglia
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Episode 41: 99% Junk DNA
Where: Carmine's Tuscan Grill, New Haven
Who: Deborah Pan, Kathy Barkin, Anne Garland and Binnie Klein
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Episode 40: College, Politics and the World's Largest Meatball
Where: Sitar, New Haven
Who: Joanne Kahan, Kim Garley-Erb, Erika Horne and David Bailin
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Episode 39: Happiness, Wealth and Reasonable Self-Promotion
Where: Carmen Anthony Steakhouse, New Haven
Who: Laura Campbell, Scott Feinberg, Jud Smith, and Gerry McGuire
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Episode 38: The Silly Season
Where: O'Toole's Irish Pub and Restaurant, New Haven
Who: Nanci Sklar, Suzanne Cahill-Manning, Rob Leonard, and Gary Choronzy
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Episode 37: Spring Springs Prematurely
Where: Bar Bouchee, Madison
Who: Julie Braun, Lee White, Ryan Duques and Fred Lyle
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Episode 36: The Man Show
Where: The Cask Republic, New Haven
Who: Bob Tedeschi, Steve Petyerak, Justin Gill, John Broker
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Episode 35: Ladies of the Connecticut Shoreline
Where: Stone House, Guilford
Who: Amy Graver, Lisa Lelas, Kerry McDermott Holmes and Kimberly McDermott Esty
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Episode 34: Love is in the Air
Where: John Davenport's, New Haven
Who: Ronnie Ann Ryan, Danyel Aversenti, Matt Scott, Sarah Kyrcz
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Episode 33: Renovations, Commuting and Life Long Friendships
Where: The Greek Olive, New Haven
Who:  Erika Horne, Gaye Hyre, Sallie Kraus, and Paul Schatz
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Episode 32: Politics, Projects and Parties
Where: Bentara, New Haven
Who: Mary Elliot, Amy Nawrocki, Eric Lehman, and Paul Sessions
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Episode 31: Food!
Where: Union League Cafe, New Haven
Who: Cynthia Lyon, Susan Jacobs, and Todd Lyon
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Episode 30: Warmth, Email, Books and Relationships
Where: Cafe Romeo, New Haven
Who: Anne Witkavitch, Kristin Huffman, Mark Branch, andChris Mordececai
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Episode 29: Vices, Heat and Civic Duty
Where: Modern Apizza, New Haven
Who: Debby Wan, Cristin Siebert and Ted Koppy
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Episode 28: Social Networking, Tasty Food, and New Years Resolutions
Where: Miya's Sushi, New Haven
Who: Kristen Cusato, Gary Choronzy and Ed Bartlett
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Episode 27: Returns, Thank-yous, and Christmas with The McGuires
Where: Lyric Hall, New Haven
Who: Colin Caplan, Marcia Simon, Holly Adam and Ann & Gerry McGuire
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Episode 26: Gifts, Relatives and Managing Expectations
Where: Zafra Cuban Restaurant and Rum Bar, New Haven
Who: Ken Sperling, Jon Crane, Joy Gathers, and James Mapes
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Episode 25: Eating, Tipping and Unexpected Gifts
Where: Chips Family Restaurant, Orange, CT
Who: Susannah Bailin, Jaki Valensi-Lauper, Randye Kaye, and Helen Kauder
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Episode 24: Arguments, Exercise and Holiday Greetings
Where: Elm City Market Cafe, New Haven, CT
Who: Stacey Battat, Ira Rosofsky, Dr. Harry Schwartz and Amy Christensen-Regni
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Episode 23: Bullies, Turducken and Getting Things Done
Where: Atticus Bookstore and Cafe, New Haven, CT
Who: Dan Gaffney, Eileen Kaplan, Lon Seidman and Jud Smith
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Episode 22: Doing the Right Thing
Where: Katz's Deli, Woodbridge, CT
Who: Steve Katz, Ed Abrams, Jeanette Kuvin Oren, Nanci Sklar and Joel Sachs
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Episode 21: The Good, The Bad and Trouble in the Neighborhood
Where: Plan B Burger Bar, Milford, CT
Who: Danyel Aversenti, Josh Sapire, Gaye Hyre
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Episode 20: Simplify, Localize, Unplug
Where: Christopher Martins, New Haven
Who: Brian Virtue, Joanne Kahan, Marianne O'Hare, Cynthia Lyon
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Episode 19: Available Light
Where: Anna Liffey's, New Haven
Who: Ann McGuire, Katie Gerhard, Joe Gerhard, John Broker, Frank
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Episode 18: Woodstock, Shoptailing and Living a Good Life
Where: Press New Haven
Who: Paul Weymann, Tom Methot, Michael Morand, Raeleen Mautner Bonnie Sharon
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Episode 17: Condolences, Guilt and Smartphone Addiction
Where: 116 CrownNew Haven
Who: John Ginetti, Suzi Craig, Elizabeth Larkin, Harlan Brothers
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Episode 16: A Rock Star, an Oscar Blogger and a Stay at Home Dad
Where: Sage American Grille and Oyster Bar in the “City Point” neighborhood of New Haven
Who: Dave McCoart, Christine Ohlman (Beehive Queen), Scott Feinberg and Gerry McGuire
Topics include: Stress-free holiday shopping, Facebook Protocol and Klingons
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​Episode 15: A Fashionable Friend, A Writer and a Money Man
Where: Geronimo, New Haven
Who: Holly Adam, Sarah Kyrcz and Paul Schatz
Topics include: Cheating and Fairness
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Episode 14: Back to School, Division of Labor, and Red Plaid
Where: Claire's Corner CopiaNew Haven
Who: Mark OppenheimerTodd Lyon
Topics include: Wrestling, Tiny Chair, Autumn
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Episode 13: An Earthquake, A Hurricane and What's Really Important
Where: Manjares, New Haven
Who: Paul Sessions, Sarah Oren, Matt Scott
Topics include: The East Coast Earthquake and Irene
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Episode 12: The New Haven Open
Who: Binnie KleinGary Choronzy, Cindy Papish GerberKim Grehn, Deb Grehn
Topics include: Ripples, The Trickster and Fox Urine
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Episode 11: The New England Brewing Company
Where: Woodbridge, CT
Who: John Broker, Amanda, Rob, Alix Boyle
Topics include: Beer, Smartphones and Dinner
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Episode 10: Ashley's Ice Cream
Where: New Haven
Who: Brian Anderson, Lisa Lilas, Gloria Zimmerman, Ed Bartlett
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Episode 9: Miya's Sushi
Where: New Haven
Who: Pam Landry, Mary Scanlon, Randye Kaye
Topics include: Job Preparation, Correcting Your Friends, Choice Paralysis
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Episode 8: Orange Hills Country Club
Where: Orange, CT
Who: Harlon BrothersJoanne Kahan, Gary Choronzy
Topics include: 
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Episode 7: Bishop's Orchards
Where: Guilford, CT
Who: Sarah Bishop DellaVentura, Sarah Kyrcz, Gerry McGuire, Ryan Duques, Chris Zane
Topics include: Play Date Etiquette with Dads, Unplugging from Technology, Travel Games for the Kids
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Episode 6: Delaney's
Where: Westville section of New Haven
Who: Wendy McGee, Susan Cinoman, Kim Grehn, Deb Grehn, Amanda
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Episode 5: The Glenwood Drive In
Where: Hamden, CT
Who: Ann McGuire, Brian Tompkins
Topics include: Corn Syrup Abuse, Mosquitoes and Manners
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Episode 4:The Paugusset Swim Club
Where: Orange, CT
Who: Binnie Klein, Michael Morand, Mike O'Brien
Topics include: Summer Vacations, Adults Who Are Afraid of the Water and Leg Insecurities
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Episode 3: The Salon at Heirloom
Where: New Haven
Who: Mark Oppenheimer, Christine Ohlman, Matt Scott, Danielle Ginetti
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Episode 2: Farewell to Richter's
Where: Richter's, New Haven
Topics include: Mourning the passing of Richter's and Social Media
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Episode 1: Radio Is Changing
Where: Bruce's Backyard, New Haven
Topics include: Honing in on the format of the RLSG
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Episodes from the first realization of the RLSG