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Released November 15, 2011!
2010 NEWS.....
+ In the New Haven Register: New Haven lag's behind other cities in connecting people to the water

+ Thursday, Feb. 10th, 11am, on WPKN 89.5FM Binnie Klein and Duo discussed the immanent hearts and flowers of Valentine’s Day for another live hour of free form on-air mind travel: Listen here
Jan 2011
+ In New Haven Magazine: Home is Where the Barn Is  and Silent Sentinels

Listen to Duo's latest Burning Down the House radio adventure (yes, it was a little crazy) here.+ In the New Haven Register discussing the modern library in today's e-world.  Read it here.

+ Jan 12th a live hour on the “Burning Down The House” internet radio insurrection that challenges every preconception and pretense: Listen here
Feb 2011
March 2011
+ On the blog: Exit Ramp for the Fat LaneThe Softening of the Hard Drive and A Delusional Menu

+ In the New Haven Register: New Haven's Brutalist architecture is, well, brutal 
+ On the blog: Collateral Consequences, and Building Green

+ A contribution to New Haven Register's OpEd page: Roche Exhibit an architectural reminder of spirit of hope, newness

+ In New Haven Magazine: Everything Old is New Again

+ Duo is now a Contributing Blogger for Architecture Boston Magazine

Preview a talk Duo is giving at the New Haven Preservation Trust's 50th Anniversary Lecture Series. 

+ On the blog: Viewing FatThe Great Room Has Left the Building and Style is Not a Religion. Flexible Aesthetics Help
April 2011
+ On the radio: Duo is featured on Curtis Wayne's internet radio show "Burning Down the House." Sunday, May 22, 4:30pm. Listen live or to the archived recording here.

+ At the AIA Convention in New Orleans, Duo presents Through the Lens of the Press: Open Journalism vs. Fashion Focus with Mark Branch and Robert Campbell 

+ In New Haven Magazine New Life, New Family

+ In Architecture Boston:Architecture Isn't Fun Anymore

+ On the blog: ControlBad House/Good House & Wal-mart & Me
May 2011
June 2011
+ In the New Haven Register: Habitat Marks 25 Years of Making Good Homes

+ In New Haven Magazine: Adding on Separately

+ On the blog: ImprintingGoing GeriatricShow & TellReal Versus "More"

Honor: Habitat for Humanity honors Duo with a Lifetime Acheivement Award, June 10 at their 25th Anniversary Gala.
July 2011
+ In Architecture Boston: Relevance vs. Regulation

+ On the blog: Mindset for EfficiencyJust Do ItLookism

+ In the New Haven Register: Demolition by Neglect

August 2011
+ An article in Architecture Magazine about today's housing market: The New Normal

+ In New Haven Magazine: Up and Out on a Limb

+ On the blog: Words, WordsAre You Here? Why I Wrote Staying PutMy Winter of Eating DangerouslyWhat's Behind the Walls Can Come Out to Bite Your Budget,

+ On the radio: Curtis Wayne's Burning Down the House where Duo explores Relevance vs. Regulation. 
                                  Click here for an excerpt.....................the full show is here

+ In the New Haven Register: A Blah Building is Wrong for Route 34
Sept 2011
+ In New Haven Register: Glory of Concrete Confirmed in New Haven Structures

+ On the blog: The Thirty Year CicadaThe AnswerControl.Not.

+ Speaking: Duo presented his talk "Dead Styles Standing" for the New Haven Preservation Trust
​+ In the New Haven Register: a review of Staying Put by Donna Doherty, "Remodel Your House: Madison architect Duo Dickinson shows the upside of Staying Put"

+ On the radio: Curtis Wayne's "Burning Down the House" - We discussed Staying Put.  Listen to the whole show. Or this little clip about CORA.

+ On the radio: Canada's ATHOME. A lively and fun discussion. Take a listen!

+ On the radio: Duo visits a miniature world with Binnie Klein. Listen here

+ In Design Bureau: Steve and Frank

+ In New Haven Magazine: Stick Figures

+ On the blog: Inside the BoxMeats & Methods: How I adapted a meat only diet to living a full-on lifeSteve and Frank
Oct 2011

Pilar Viladas with the New York Times writes, "These pages are crammed with good advice (avoid gutters at all costs; add wide eaves instead) and realistic assessments of the way we live now." Read the full review.

Sara Suskana from the Not So Big Remodeling series says: "How many books do you know that can give you multiple and frequent full-throttle belly laughs while delivering basic and simple advice about how to make friends with, and even come to love, the house that until recently you’d imagined you’d be moving up from sometime in the not-too-distant future? Duo’s latest opus does just that. I loved every page of this fact-filled, practical book. It’s worth your time to read, even if you’re not planning to remodel any time soon."

Amy Barry from New London's The Day says: "...Dickinson helps homeowners do exactly that by giving easy-to-implement advice on everything from budgeting and phasing a project to dealing with your town's building department to real-life examples for remodeling every room in the house. He also gives a trove of valuable tips, such as venting a basement and saving a tree prior to starting construction. Read the full review.
+ In the New Haven Register: Buildings can be more than Architect Planned

+ On the blog: MissionBragging WrongsGetting a Builder: Platonic and Experienced, Please 

+ A review of Staying Put in The Day: For Duo Dickinson Home Remains Where the Heart Is

+ In Architecture Boston: Tech Kills

+ In the New Haven Magazine: Just Like Starting Over

+ Released: Staying Put, Duo's seventh book is released!

+ NPR's This I Believe: Walls

+ Review of Staying Put:

+ In CT Magazine: a blurb about Staying Put.
Nov 2011
STAYING PUT HAS LAUNCHED!! Visit for a treasure trove of ideas on how to make your home the home you love.
+ On Design Bureau: Duo puts the practice on blast and explains why he thinks the system is broken. Read the full article here.

+ Review: Staying Put in US News and World Report

+ Design Jury: Architectural Design2, Connecticut College, New London, CT

+ In the New Haven Register: Tolerance Has Evolved for Green's Use

+ On the blog: ExpectationsA Crazy Way That WorkedWhen a House Leaks, It's Not a House Anymore

+ In New Haven Magazine: Monument to Modernism

+ Staying Put on When You're Staying Put, Consider Customizing Your Space

+ Speaking: December 8, Reinvention 2011 Conference, Phoenix, AZ, "Fostering Partnerships with Clients."

+ Speaking: December 2, Centerbrook Architects Lecture Series, Essex Meadows, Essex, CT
Dec 2011