Duo is the Architecture Commentator for the New Haven Register's OpEd. 

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+ Duo was a superstar at: The Institute Library, Book Plates

+ On Saved by Design: Spring Roll

+ On Saved by Design:  Rules for a New Normal

+ On Saved by Design: Finding Home if You're Living in Mom's Basement

+ On Saved by Design: Allusion-Imitation-Innovation

+ On Saved by Design: Rude Rules

+ In New Haven Magazine: Finding Design

+ In The New Haven Register:  Pearl Harbor Bridge Extension of Greatest Generation's Legacy

+ On Saved by Design: On The Bridge

+ In The New Haven Register:  Are Neighbors More Neighborly When There Is Greater Density?

+ In Hartford Faith and Values: An Elevator On Orchard Street

+ On Saved by Design: Sliding Into...What?

+ On Saved by Design: The Biggest Toy - McMansions In The Housing Crater

+ On Saved by Design:  Both/And - The Alternative To Defendable Design

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